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The following terms and conditions apply to all website development / design services provided by Big Lamp Web Design to the Client. By placing an order with Big Lamp Web Design, you confirm that you are in agreement with and bound by the terms and conditions below.

Definition of the terminology used within this document:

  • 'Project' is any work undertaken or service provided by Big Lamp Web Design for the Client.
  • 'Proposal' is a written statement of the proposed project details, along with the price at which the proposal is offered to the Client.
  • 'You' or 'Client,' is any person, persons, business or organisation using services provided by Big Lamp Web Design.
  • 'I', 'We' or 'us', means Big Lamp Web Design.
  • 'Live' refers to the website being available at the Client's chosen domain.
  • 'Domain' is the website address as specified by the Client.
  • 'Hosting' is an ongoing service required to keep a website activated online.
  • 'Content' refers to text, images and other assets that will be included on the website.
  1. Before any project commences, Big Lamp Web Design will provide a written proposal and price, with a breakdown of what is included. Big Lamp Web Design requires confirmation of your agreement to proceed, in the form of a deposit of up to 25% of the quoted price. Payment of the deposit also signifies your agreement with the terms and conditions as stated on this page.
  2. Depending on the size of the project and pace of development, a further payment of up to 50% of the quoted price may be requested during the mid-development stages.
  3. The remaining balance is payable when the website is completed and before it goes live at your nominated domain.
  4. Big Lamp Web Design will provide a written invoice for each required payment.
  5. Payment terms: Payments are due immediately and are required to be paid in full no later than 7 days of the invoice date. Payment can be made by direct bank transfer. Banking details are shown on the invoice. Cheque payments are acceptable by prior agreement, with a small administrative fee applicable. Payment by PayPal is also available by prior agreement, with an administrative fee applicable to cover PayPal fees. All payments are non-refundable.
  6. Any invoice that remains unpaid after 28 days following the invoice date, will have interest at 5% added to it from the date of invoice. Interest will continue to be added weekly until the invoice is paid. All work in progress will also cease until the invoice is paid, and Big Lamp Web Design reserves the right to issue a further invoice for any other work for the Client since the invoice was issued.
  7. All website content (text, images, other files) and relevant information must be supplied by the Client in a timely manner once the project commences.
  8. In the event that the Client does not supply the relevant website content in a timely manner, which consequentially causes the project to be significantly delayed, Big Lamp Web Design reserves the right to invoice for the full balance of the project price, or a proportion representative of the amount of work completed, and reserves the right not to re-commence development work until such payment has been received and until the work can be scheduled without impacting other projects.
  9. Big Lamp Web cannot take responsibility for any copyright infringements caused by materials submitted by the client or otherwise. We reserve the right to refuse any material of a copyrighted nature unless adequate proof is given of permission to use such material.
  10. Most proposals are flexible enough to allow for some changes to the requirements during development, however, if requirements change significantly, this may incur additional charges. You will be advised if this is the case.
  11. During development, your feedback is requested and warmly welcomed, and I will endeavour to complete the website design to your absolute satisfaction. In the unlikely event that no design can be agreed after many revisions, you may walk away from the project without further costs.
  12. Email is the primary method of contact with regard to all communications.
  13. If additional meetings or consultations are required or requested after the project has commenced, beyond what is considered reasonable for the flow of information and design feedback required to complete the project, Big Lamp Web Design reserves the right to charge an hourly rate for the time, including travel time if applicable.
  14. Domain names registered by Big Lamp Web Design on behalf of a Client will be registered to, and owned by, the Client.
  15. Hosting and email services are provided as an additional service. Big Lamp Web Design uses a reputable 3rd party supplier, based in the UK. However, Big Lamp Web Design cannot accept liability for losses caused by the unavailability, malfunction or interruption of this service, or for loss of revenue or profits, or any indirect or consequential loss.
  16. The Client may arrange domain name registration, hosting and email services with other 3rd party providers if preferred. Any nominated hosting service must be verified as compatible with your proposed website system, and appropriate access and log-in credentials and passwords must be supplied in order make your website live. In addition, where any 3rd party functionality or integration is included as part of the project, appropriate access, log-in credentials and passwords must be supplied
  17. Where hosting, email and/or domain name services are provided by Big Lamp Web Design, the first year's fees will be included in the initial project price. After the first year, an invoice will be issued annually for this.
  18. At the discretion of Big Lamp Web Design, some services may be provided on a monthly or quarterly "pay as you go" basis, payable in advance by standing order.
  19. In the event of non-payment of any invoice, Big Lamp Web Design reserves the right to terminate any services and allow domain names to expire.
  20. Big Lamp Web Design reserves the right to refuse a project on any grounds, and to cease work on any project where payments are not made, information is not forthcoming or where the client relationship has broken down. Big Lamp Web Design will not tolerate any form of harassment, abusive or threatening behaviour from Clients or third parties, and reserves the right to cancel a project without notice or refund in the event of any such unreasonable conduct.
  21. Once your website is live, it is assumed that the project has been completed to your satisfaction. Any further amendments may incur additional charges.
  22. Websites supplied with a content management system (CMS) can be updated by the Client. Big Lamp Web Design does not accept liability for any changes made by the Client which result in malfunction or loss of content, or for any consequential loss.
  23. Every effort is made by Big Lamp Web Design to create websites that perform well in search engines. Due to the nature of search engine optimisation (SEO), no guarantees are made regarding the search engine position of your website for any search terms. In addition, Big Lamp Web Design cannot accept liability for any drop in search result rankings due to changes in search engine algorithms or other external factors.

Address for correspondence purposes: 24 Meadow Way, Coppull, Lancashire, PR7 5DQ.

This agreement shall be governed by English Law. In the event that any one or more of the provisions of this agreement should be deemed to be invalid, illegal or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this agreement shall be unimpaired.

Big Lamp Web Design reserves the right to amend these terms at any time.

Privacy And Cookies

We (Big Lamp Web Design) take your privacy seriously, and only collect and use personal data in order to provide information or deliver our services. This privacy policy is intended to explain what data we collect, why and how we use it, and explains how you can contact us to access, update or remove your personal data from our records.

What information do we collect?
We collect information via our website contact forms, by email or telephone, or in person, to enable us to provide information or deliver our services to you. This data includes: name, telephone number, email address, and if you choose to become a client, may also include information about your business requirements and address. All data is transferred and stored securely.

How we use information.
We use the information we collect from you in order to provide information, a quote or deliver our services to you.

How we secure, store and retain your data.
We securely store and protect the personal data we collect, both during transmission and once received, using encryption where appropriate. We retain personal data only for as long as necessary to provide the services you have requested and any retention periods necessary by law, provision of ongoing services or in order to maintain accurate business or financial records. This includes retention of communications from you which form part of your requirements for work carried out, kept for reference until such time as you stop using our services.

Who we share information with.
We may share information with contractors, partners or 3rd parties, only if required in order to provide you with our service. We do not sell data to any 3rd party. We do not share data unless compelled by law.

How you can access, update or delete your data.
You may at any time contact us to request details / update / removal of the information we have stored about you.

Our website uses cookies to track visitor behaviour, allowing us to count the number of visitors and to observe how visitors move around our website when they are using it. This allows us to provide you with a better experience, and to analyse the performance of our services. You may choose to disable cookies in your browser at any time.

Changes in our Privacy Policy.
We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. This policy was last updated: 30th May 2018.

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