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How I work & what to expect if you hire me as your web designer

I follow a similar process for all website projects, regardless of scale or budget.

It starts with you...

The first step is to get in touch with a few details about your requirements. I will then contact you and may ask a few questions about your business, how frequently you will need to update your website, details of any special features or functionality you require, whether you currently have a website and/or domain name in place, and if you have any budget or time constraints. All of these factors will be taken into account.

Once the requirements are known, I will consider the best way forward for your particular project, and will provide a proposal and fixed price for your project.

Your website design

Your website will be designed according to good practice guidelines, to ensure it is easy to use for your visitors, and optimised for search engine visibility. The design will be a modern, mobile-friendly layout, based around your logo / branding, if supplied. If you have any particular ideas or preferences about the design or colour scheme, you are free to suggest ideas by providing links to other websites that you have seen.

You will need to supply the text and images you'd like to use on your website pages. If you need help with preparing the text, proof reading, or finding suitable images, please let me know.

Your website in development

An initial design concept will be provided in the form of a working prototype website, which you will then be invited to review via a test link, and provide feedback into the design process. You can follow and track the progress of your project as the prototype is developed into a fully functional website.

Your live website

Once your website development is complete, the final stage is to make it "live" at your domain name. Once the website is live and final QA checks have been done, I will submit a sitemap file to Google.

Web Design
Web Design
Web Design
Web Design


Web Design Services - Frequently Asked Questions

This depends on your exact requirements, as all projects are priced individually according to the amount of work involved. Once the requirements are understood, and a proposal has been made, you will be given a fixed price.

Your website package can include domain name registration, website hosting and basic email services. A "co.uk" domain name is renewable every two years. Hosting & email services are charged annually. Alternatively you are free to register the domain name yourself and/or arrange your own website hosting.

In most cases, a simple content management system (CMS)can be provided with your website to enable you to manage most updates yourself, such as simple text changes, and creating new pages. More complex, bespoke website designs may not be fully supported by the CMS. If preferred, your website can be created without a content management system system - I can provide a fully managed service for any website, either "as required" or with an annual or monthly fee for agreed regular updates.

Not as a rule. In most cases, I prefer to use a simpler, file-based content management system for websites that I create. This means greater creative flexibility, faster page loading and less ongoing maintenance / upgrades. Another great benefit of this is that it is so much simpler to use than WordPress, which can be challenging for novice users. A file based system also makes the website easier to move or transfer to another server in the future, as no database is required. In occasional cases, a WordPress website may be the most suitable solution, in which case a suitable theme will be selected and can be customised if required.

I rarely take on full-scale e-commerce projects, preferring to work on business and portfolio websites. However I do provide a service to assist with the set up of Shopify stores, and can also provide some cost-effective options that can be integrated into any website, suitable for the sale of a small selection of products.

No, not usually - most websites I create are bespoke, created specifically for each client and project, so you will never see another website with the exact same design. If a client specifically requests a WordPress website, Shopify store or other CMS based system which uses templates, then a suitable pre-designed theme will be sourced for approval, and customised if required.

Initially, it's important that you tell me as much as possible about you, your brand, your business and how it operates, and any special requirements you have for your website. This enables me to quickly and accurately determine the best way to create your website. In addition, you are responsible for providing the content (wording) for your website - it's your website, your brand, your business, and you are the expert. To aid search engine visibility, I may make suggestions or recommendations for optimising the text. If you require help with the final wording, this can be included in your website package.

Yes, this is all part of the design process. I simply need to understand your business / services, geographical scope and target audience. This is all taken into account when designing your website. The proposed structure of your website will help shape the content and wording. If you need help putting everything into words, I can help to write the final text and can provide proof reading / checking.

Yes, suitable images can be sourced, whether it be stock images or by arranging professional photography as part of your package.

If you do not have a logo or branding, I can create a simple logo and/or display your website name in a styled font at the top of your website. This is a courtesy and subject to a limited amount of revisions. If you require a more sophisticated logo, I can put you in touch with local graphic designers.

Text and small images can be sent via email, however sometimes images and other files can be too large to send as attachments. You will be invited to share files using DropBox. Alternatively, Google Drive or any other file sharing service will be considered, or the information can be provided on a data stick or memory card, either in person or by post.

Possibly.... it depends on how up to date your current website is, which system it is built on (if applicable), and whether I can access the necessary files. In many cases it is more appropriate and cost-effective to create a new website using up to date coding standards and techniques.

Most small websites can be completed within a couple of weeks, as long as all of the content is provided in a timely manner. Larger, more complex websites will take longer to complete. If you have a particular deadline, please indicate this and I will advise.
In a hurry? Small websites can be created at short notice if required - contact me to ask about my availability.

Once your site is "live", a sitemap file is submitted to Google, which acts as a request for inclusion into the search results. This can take several weeks, and you may notice some fluctuation in results and positions in the early days, as Google assesses your website's content in different ways at different intervals.

I provide some SEO services to complement the websites I create, and can provide a package of tailored advice for improving search engine rankings. Occasionally I provide SEO consultancy services to clients who already have a website, including website/SEO reviews and recommendation reports with tailored advice on improvements that can be made. Please contact me for availability and rates.

Ready to get started?

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